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September 24, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes)
As another long day of school came to an end, (name) stumbled down the hill, clutching her science folder to her chest as her (h/l) (h/c) blew in the wind. Her (e/c) eyes sparkled in the sunset, she wasnt the most popular girl in school, but the friends she had, she cherrished like family. 

"Hey (name)!" A boy with dark brunnette in her year came running down the hill, waving his arms as his blonde friend followed close behind, a huge grin spread on his face. 

"Huh?" (name)'s eyes snapped from her daydream as she spun around to face the two boys running towards her. Her (h/c) hair did another slight flip as she turned, making her have that innocence in her eyes that were heartwarming and would melt even the strongest heart. 

"Oof!" The brunnette tripped and landed on (name) pinning her to the floor, his friend just laughed. 

"Sorry (name)." He apologised and helped her up, dusting the dirt off of her carefully. 

"It's ok Sora." She giggled a bit when he blushed. 

"(name)?" The blonde boy smiled at her. 

"Yeah Roxas?" The blonde boy is called Roxas and the brunnette is Sora. 

"WewerebothwonderingifyouwouldliketocometoAxel'spartythisweekend?" They both said at the same time, rushing as both their faces went crimson red, their hands bundled by their hips and their heads facing the floor, eyes squinted shut waiting for your reply. 

"" You sighed. "Fine, as long as you two don't ditch me like last year!" You pouted, both of their heads snapped up. Grins on their faces. 

"Uhh, there is going to be..uhh, lots of uhhh, alcohol y'know.." Roxas chuckled awkwardly while he scratched the back of his head. 

"Umm, I'm not so sure anymore guys..sorry, I'll see you tomorrow." Your head fell downcast as you turned on your heel and slowly walked away. 

"Wait, (name)!" Sora grabbed your wrist as you walked away. "Please? For us?" 

"Yeah (name), come with us to the party.." Roxas begged aswell to the cute girl in their year. 

"O-ok, but I'm only doing it for you!" (name) Pouted again, nodding her head as the boys cheered. 

"Thanks (name)! Come on, let's get you home before it gets dark.." Roxas smiled, taking one of your hands while Sora took the other. 

*Timeskip* *Normal POV:* 

"Thanks so much for helping me get an outfit for the party!" You thanked her again as you and the red head strode into the clothing store in the local mall. 

"Your welcome (name), I need a new outfit for Axel's party as well y'know!" Kairi giggled. "He likes his guests to look fantastic and sexy as they can be." 

"Yeah, but he's your brother, you shouldn't have to dress up fancy for your brothers party!" You smiled at her.

"I guess, but it's fun to dress up every once in a while." Kairi smiled back, leading you to the dresses.  

"What do you think I should wear?" You stood awkwardly next to her as she browsed the racks of party dresses. 

"Here, try these!" She handed you a few different dresses and led you to the dressing rooms. 

"Uhhh...ok." You said, as she pushed you into the changing room and waited for you to change into the first dress. 


After you and Kairi finished shopping it was time to go home, you had got a beautiful thigh length red dress with matching convers (way easier to walk in then heels) and a black handbag. Kairi had a pink dress with pink highheals and a purple handbag. 

"Thanks Kairi!" You smiled when she pulled up outside your house to drop you off. 

"No problem, don't be late for the party tomorrow night!" She winked and drove away. 

That's right, after school tomorrow it was straight home to get ready and then you would go off to Axel and Kairi's house with Roxas and Sora. 'oh boy' you sighed, placing the dress on the end of your bed with the shoes and handbag near it. 

Soon after that, you got into bed..after a lot of persuading for your mum to let you go to the party that is. And then, you were asleep. 


"Hey (name)." Roxas smiled as he sat next to you on the bench outside. It was lunch time at school and instead of eating in that crowded canteen, you preferred the benches outside. 

"Hello Roxas.." You sighed, taking a bite out of your sandwich. 

"Are you ok?" He placed a hand on your knee and smiled down at you. Just then, Slra appeared. 

"Tonights the night (name)! You ready?" Sora cheered, sitting opposite you and Roxas on the bench. 

"Yeah,,I guess." You glanced up at him. 

"Dont worry (name)." Roxas smiled again. "Tell us what's up and we will help." 

"My mum said I have to stay over at someone's house if I go to that party, she doesn't want me waking up my little brother when I come home that late.." You sighed. "She doesn't know about the alcohol at least." A corner of your mouth turned up to a small smile. 

"You can stay with me (name)." Roxas suggested. "We can even have Sora round as well, my mum and dad arent home and my big brother Ven isn't in either." 

"Really?" You and Sora stared at him. 

"Thanks dude!" Sora high fived his blonde friend. 

"So what do ya say (name) staying at mine with us?" Roxas chuckled as your face lit up. 

"Yes yes yes yes yes!" You shoutedm hugging him tight! "Thank you!" You snuggled into him again. When you realised what you were doing, your face turned scarlet red and you quickly pulled away. "Sorry" 

Roxas and Sora laughed. "Its ok (name)." Roxas smiled. "I will pick you up at 7pm, bring your stuff to mine with Sora's as well and we will all go off to the party at 9pm"

"Ok." You and Sora nodded and continued to eat your lunch. 

The next lesson was German. Great, your favorite! The lesson went by very very quick, you were only watching a film anyway. So, you decided you would draw a picture and doodle in your notebook. The doodle read: Roxas
In a large loveheart, you had always loved Roxas, but some how, Sora was now starting to capture your attention. Suddenly, the school bell rang for end of school and you packed up your stuff and hurled yourself down the hill and into your house. You told you mum you were staying with Roxas and Sora and you packed your stuff. PJ's, tooth brush, deodorant, hairbrush, change of clothes, phone charger, headphones ect. 

suddenly your phone began to ring..

"Hello?" You answered your phone, slipping on your dress and shoes as you tried to do your hair the way Kairi had shown you..straighten it and then, back comb it a bit, finally hairspray. 

"Hey (name)." It was just Roxas, he was at your door now. "Im outside, you ready?" 

"Oh.uhmmm, not yet, if you knock my mum will let you in. see you in a bit." You blushed, hanging up and grabbing your make up bag. Kairi had also made you buy some new make up to wear, you washed your face, put your mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss on, then a tiny bit of foundation, just enough to make you look more awake and cover up an unwanted zit..

"Uhhh, hello Miss.(lastname)." Roxas stood in the doorway of your house in his leather jacket with a black and white checkered shirt on underneath and his baggy jeans and high tops. 

"Thanks for letting her stay at your tonight Roxas." Your mum smiled. "Make sure she stays safe.." Roxas was led inside, he sat in the living room with your mum and dad as they waited for you. You picked up our backpack full of things to sleep over and your hadbag full of essentials. Ruing downstairs in your red convers and tight dress, you stopped by the living room door. 

"Im ready to go Roxas..!" You shouted. 

"Come and show us what your wearing dear." Your father shouted. 'oh no..' you thought opening the door, you slide through. 

Roxas was speechless as he stared at you in the tight red dress. Your mother laughed. 

"You look like a proper party girl (name)." Your mother laughed again. Your father stayed silent. 

"Ok...." You facepalmed. "Come on Roxas, wont Sora be at yours right now..?" You smiled, grabbing him off the chair and sayig goodbye to your parents 


"Welcome you three,come on in and enjoy the party." Kairi opened the door to you, Roxas and Sora. You all smiled as you entered hers and Axel's house. 


the loud music blasted out of the booming speakers as you danced with Kairi, you had all had a little to much alcohol so everyone was stumbling around and flirting, making out and passing out all over the place. Roxas suddenly grabbed your arm and dragged you outside with Sora. 

"Time to go you two." Roxas's words were slurred. You and Sora glanced at each other and nodded, while walking home, Roxas and Sora took turns carrying you. 


Once inside Roxas', they placed you on the bed in his room, Sora went to the bathroom. meanwhile.... 

"Roxas.." You moaned as he walked towards the wardrobe, you sat up and begged him to come back. Roxas turned aroud and stumbled back towards you, pinning you to the bed with one hand, the other was running circles on your hip. You moaned lightly. slammig your lips into his and he ran his hands up and down your legs. You both knew where this was going, but you both forgot about Sora in the bathroom. Roxas moved to your neck as your hands ran over his shoulders, one snuck down and ran along his hardening length. Roxas let out a stuttered moan as you rubbed and rubbed him. Your breath became uneasy as Roxas moaned, sending chills down your spine. 
"(n-name)..." Roxas moaned, grinding against you. You let out a surprised moan. 
"Mmm, Roxas." You moaned his name, Roxas grinded again, getting the same response. Suddenly, Roxas started biting your neck and leaving little love bits all over you. You ran your hands over the edge of his shirt, tugging on it, so, then, Roxas' sort was gone. You gulped as he started sucking on your neck again, his hands sliding up your dress and to the back of you bra, you slipped the dress off as Roxas worked on the bra. 

"Roxas, (name)!" Sora stood there, eyes wide as he watched you. 
"Hmm?" You and Roxas stopped as Sora chuckled. 
"Don't forget me!" Sora laughed, slidding his shirt and trousers off. 
Roxas moved over, letting Sora have a go at tormenting you. Sora started to suck on the crook of your neck, moving his hands to slip the bra off, you moaned. 
"S-sora.." You gasped as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it, nibbling it. He was about to massage the other when Roxas started sucking on the other. 
You had Sora sucking on one and Roxas on the other. It was complete torment ment. 
"Roxas, Sora." You moaned loudly, Roxas and Sora both smirked and bit down. Earning a tiny scream of pleasure from you. 

"Roxas, you go." Sora smiled. Sittin a side as Roxas kissed your hips and lower stomach. Messing with the elastic of your underwear. Sora rubbed himself through the boxers and moaned as you gripped onto the bed sheets as Roxas messed with your clit, swirling it around in his mouth. You gasped as he inserted his tongue in you. Exploring your inner walls as you gasped and moaned. Sora soon found his way to the back of Roxas as he grinded against Roxas's ass, Roxas moaned against you and you gasped again. Sora smirked, reaching around Roxas and grabbing his length, rubbing it and moving his hand around it. 

"Roxas!" You screamed as you came, Roxas sat up and swallowed. Wipping his mouth, you glanced at Sora who then lunged at you. Roxas sat infront of you now as Sora turned you onto your stomach and lifted you up. Roxas ripped his boxers off slowly as Sora rubbed you. This was intense torture and pleasure at the Same time. Roxas was lying, his under your chin before you, begging you to suck him. You smilied. 
"This MIGHT hurt a bit." Sora whispered as he pulled your underwear off, you placed Roxas in your mouth and sucked lightly, bobbing your head, suddenly, Soa slammed into you from behind, you gasped, causing Roxas to moan and grip one hand in your hair, the other on his bed sheets. Sora moved in and out slowly as you moaned onto Roxas's length. Roxas gripped the bed sheets, tighter and tighter with every moan. 
"(n-name)..I'm gonna." Roxas let go in your mouth as you screamed, letting your juices run out and onto the bed sheets just as Sora moaned and grunted, letting go into your butt. 
"Mmmm." You moaned. You crawled onto Roxas and kissed his as Sora shuffled to where Roxas's mouth was. Roxas smirked up at Sora as he took Sora's length inside his mouth and sucked. you straddled Roxas. 
"(name)..please, hurry." Roxas moaned as he felt you grind against him. You giggled. 
"Patience sweetheart." You smirked. Suddenly, you slammed onto his, his length going inside you. You gasped. Moaning as loud as you could. 
"Roxas!" You moaned as you slammed onto his again. All you could hear was Roxas and Sora grunting as you slammed onto him a third time. Faster and faster each time. Suddenly Roxas's length hit that one spot in you, your weak spot and you screamed in pleasure. 
"R-roxas." You and Sora moaned at the same time. Roxas grinded his teeth on Sora's length as you slammed even harder on him, reaching that same spot time and time again. "Roxas, I-I'm ahhhhhhh!" Sora gasped, gripping onto Roxas' shoulders, cumming into his mouth and kissing him deeply. You slammed one more time as your juices erupted for the third time, mixing with Roxas'. You all lay down on his bed and snuggled together, you in the middle. 
"Best! Axel! Party! Ever!" Roxas gasped, kissing you as Sora kissed our forehead. 
"If we remember anything in the morning. We are screwed." You said just as you all fell asleep. 

Sorry if the lemon doesn't last long, I was rushing a bit :) sorry guys.

This was a request so if you have any, give me a shout ;)
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